HTC business seems to have lasted from the past has come out of recession after 1.5 years since HTC’s market is shrinking, revenue dropped sharply, but according to the latest release of April data shows that in the new HTC One strong, led by the manufacturers to the gravity of the situation has begun to reverse.

HTC operations began to

the new HTC flagship list One boost April HTC incomes surge chain 23%, reached 19.6 billion new Taiwan dollars (about 657 million u.s. dollars). However, this is still better than HCT 36.9% reduction over the same period last year, HTC fell 48.6% last month, indicating HTC business conditions begin to improve.

in addition, HTC CEO Peter Chou expected the company’s income status 5 June will be better, because the new HTC One supply shortages have eased. Estimated HTC finance charge will amount to 2.4 billion dollars in the second quarter as a whole, this means that over the next two months, HTC’s revenue would grow further 50%.